Numbers Associated
develops projects and publications aimed at promoting multicultural experiences and/or at increasing public awareness about the loss of biodiversity and issues related to global warming

Numbers Associated desarrolla proyectos y publicaciones cuyo propósito es promover experiencias multiculturales y sensibilizar al público sobre la pérdida de la biodiversidad y sobre los problemas relacionados con el calentamiento global

New Book Release:

Heli Hofmann Visions in Color

Heli Hofmann was born in the countryside of Bavaria, Germany, and grew up in an enthusiastic and lively family. Her paintings capture and enhance the beauty of her homeland’s idyllic land- scapes, baroque churches, and picturesque villages. Her extensive travels to other lands are also depicted with bold strokes and vivid colors, in new visions of rural and urban beauty, and with harmony of land and sky.

Heli emigrated with her children to California and married Alan Frederick Hofmann in the fall of 1978. She discovered the New World, its Spanish missions, flower fields, and sunlit beaches. As one might imagine, her post-impressionistic style has influences of artists such as Franz Marc, August Macke, Gabriele Münter, as well as the early works of Wassily Kandinsky.

260 pages color. 11”X8.5”
Edition: English / German
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New Book:
Heli Hofmann "Visions of Color"
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