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The koala plagued by his fate

An installation presented in Tijuana by Jerome Sli with help
from WIRES and Fundación Entijuanarte

Espanol / English

'The koala plagued by his fate' confronted the audience with the future and options for survival of one of the world’s iconic species, the koala.

The piece features a koala clinging to a biblical-like statue with a backdrop of a WIRES image of a koala sitting on woodchips in a desolated, logged area of Australia. This iconic image encapsulates the plight of the koala in Australia: The koala verses the need for timber.

There are hundreds of people who do not want to miss out on the opportunity of taking a picture with the sculpture.
While initially they may look upon it as an attraction, once they approach it and better understand its meaning, the cheerful and jovial look on their faces soon gives way to expressions of concern. It is very difficult not to become emotional when it comes to the lives of creatures as adorable as these. Fortunately, events like these only serve to raise awareness of the tragic fate that awaits these creatures due to the loss and destruction of their natural habitat.

The koala is native only to Australia. In April 2012, the Australian Government listed the koala populations in the majority of eastern Australia as vulnerable to extinction. The main threat to the koala is loss and degradation of habitat.

“The outcry to protect this unique creature from extinction is coming from all corners of the globe. While organizations like WIRES are doing what they can to help koala populations survive, ulti- mately it is the Australian Government that must lead an appropriate and timely response,” says Mr Justin McKee, WIRES spokesperson.

WIRES is the largest wildlife rescue service in Australia, dedicated to helping sick, injured, or- phaned or displaced animals in NSW. In its time, WIRES has rescued, cared for and released thousands of koalas back into the wild.

WIRES Video about koalas:
Directed and produced by Jimmy Malecki

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The projection on the CECUT dome is a project by Christian Saucedo: The Rubik's People